Treating the fish as soon as possible increases their chance of survival.
  1. White Spot (or ich)
    White Spot (or ich)
    White spots that cover the body of the fish like snow.
  2. Anchor Worms
    Anchor Worms
    Worms that are 'anchored' to the fish.
  3. Fin/Tail Rot
    Fin/Tail Rot
    This can appear on the tail, fins and around the mouth. Other fish 'nipping' can also look like fin rot.
  4. Dropsy (pine cone disease)
    Dropsy (pine cone disease)
    The fish looks bloated and the scales are raised from the body.
  5. Bulging and/or Cloudy Eye
    Bulging and/or Cloudy Eye
    One or both eyes protrude and/or are cloudy.
  6. Fungus
    Cotton wool like growths on any part of the body or growing out of the mouth.
  7. Blood Streaks
    Blood Streaks
    The can appear on any part of the body and may also look like sores.
  8. Swim Bladder
    Swim Bladder
    The fish will swim upside down or vertically or will be using the plants and ornaments to steady itself.