Do not over feed

Regular, small cleaning

This is the most common reason for fish deaths, illness, polluted water and unsightly tanks.   Feed them once a day with a small pinch of food (roughly 3 flakes per fish).  Don’t worry if you miss a day – they will be perfectly fine (they may even be livelier!).  One day per week should be a ‘rest day’ when you do not feed them at all.
(Optimal feeding is once every 2nd day but we recognise that people like to feed their fish more regularly, so the above feeding plan is ok) 
   It is much better to do regular low-level maintenance than occasional 'big clean' style maintenance, which can disrupt the aquarium causing a loss of useful filter bacteria, affecting water quality, and having a detrimental effect on your fishes' health. Don't overdo it, but do it regularly.  Never replace all the sponges or media in your filter at the same time.  This will completely remove all the good bacteria.

Clean decoration in tank water


Most fish like light during the day and darkness at night.  The light should be on for approx. 8-12 hours per day.  You can purchase intelligent lights and moon lights that mimic the sun’s natural cycle.  

Some fish are nocturnal and do not like bright lights or prefer dimmer environments. 
It is tempting to clean the filter media, ornaments, sponges etc. in tap water.  This kills all the useful bacteria.  Take some water from the tank and use that to clean items that go into the tank.  Tip it away when finished. 

Only ever change between 10% and 1/3.

We stock a range of cleaning accessories including algae scrapers and pads, brushes, gravel vacuums and magnetic cleaners.  We also stock algae eating snails and plecos.