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  1. Coldwater Fish (Goldfish)
    We stock a range of coldwater fish - this includes goldfish and fish suitable for ponds. We always have a range of fantail goldfish in stock along with comets, shubunkins, ranchus, pearlscales, black moors and ryukins. We also keep other coldwater fish such as minnows, rainbow dace and paradise fish.
  2. Other Livestock
    We also stock a range of Betta fish, crabs, frogs, snails, shrimp, axolotl and terrapins (turtles). We also have a resident Guinea Pig called Polly and a dwarf rabbits called Bobby. Come and say hi!!
  3. Tropical Fish
    Our downstairs Tropical room has over over 60 tanks of tropical fish. We change our stock regularly but always keep things like molly, platy, guppy and swordtails in stock. We also have gouramis, neon tetra, malawi cichlids, blue dolphins and oscars.
  4. Pond Fish
    In addition to the goldfish inside, we also have a pond outside. Here we keep larger goldfish along with Koi. We also sell a range of pond food and treatments.
  5. Aquariums & Accessories
    We stock a range of aquariums starting from 6L (suitable for Betta fish). These include just the tanks or complete kits. We also sell treatments, food, decoration, replacement electricals, plants, filter accessories, holdiday food - to name a few things.
  6. Maintenance Service
    We provide a full maintenance service in your home or office. This can be on a one off basis or a contract basis.
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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
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opening hours on public holidays vary
(call to check before visiting)
About Us

Angel Aquarium is an independant aquarium shop in Islington, London. 
We love the animals in our care and want them to continue to be happy and healthy once they are at home with you.  We change our fish stock on a regular basis so that you always have something new to choose from.  
If you don't find what you are looking for then just ask - we can usually order it for you.  That includes fish. 
Why not come and pay us a visit?  We are sure to have something for everyone - from the beginner fish keeper to the experts amongst you.
Some brands
we stock
  1. Title 9
  2. Title 10
  3. Title 11
  4. Title 12
  5. Title 13
  6. Title 14
  7. Title 15
  8. Title 17
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103 Essex Road
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